Why Dems Hurt Themselves Over Trump

Former Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-NJ) said the current message from Democrats which only excites hate for Trump is not “good enough to deserve governing.”

Torricelli stated, “There’s all this optimism in the Democratic party because we’re clearly going to make gains in the House of Representatives. We’re not going to make gains in the Senate. If this election were today, there would be Democratic gains, maybe even Democratic control in the House, probably losses in the Senate. Donald Trump will be able to call it a draw or a victory.”

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“The reason goes to, we understand how the Democratic party feels about Stormy Daniels. We understand how the Democratic party feels about Donald Trump’s personal behavior. What else is the party for? Nancy Pelosi shuts down the House of Representatives over illegal immigration. I agree with her on the issue. But that’s your issue? That’s for shutting down the federal government? As opposed to daycare, education, jobs, taxes?”

“This is a party with cause. The causes is against Donald Trump. That’s not a good enough message to deserve governing.”

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