Warren Calls Trump The Most Corrupt Ever

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is claming that President Trump’s Administration is ‘the most corrupt administration in our lifetime.”

Warren stated, “I have been worried for a very long time about the impact of money in Washington. You know, money just doesn’t talk in Washington, it shouts, it screams, it commands. But let’s never lose sight of the fact that the Trump administration is the most corrupt administration in our lifetime.”

“And think about example after example of that right now. The Saudis can funnel money directly—indirectly into Trump’s pocket through the Trump hotel, that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency is a coal lobbyist—and can I tell you about Gary Cohen?”

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“So Trump is setting up his administration—this is a year and a half ago—he is setting up his administration. He brings in all these Goldman Sachs guys. I swear to you, they could have opened a branch office of Goldman Sachs right there in the White House. So he brings in these Goldman Sachs people, but one of them was very special. Gary Cohen is—was a major executive at Goldman Sachs, and he is going to be the special advisor to the president, economic advisor, to help get the tax laws changed. So Goldman Sachs gives Gary Cohen a little gift on the way out, a third of a billion dollars. I think of it as a sort of pre-bribe, and then, Gary Cohen goes off and writes the tax laws, helps ram them through Congress, and Goldman Sachs makes billions of dollars off the change in the tax laws. Let’s call this out for what it is—corruption, pure and simple.”

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