Trump’s ‘Unbelievable Victory’ Is ‘Exactly What We Needed’

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn tells Breitbart News he thinks Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s “unbelievable victory” in the final presidential debate against his Democratic opponent was “exactly what we needed.”

“I think this was an unbelievable victory for Trump,” Flynn, a top Trump surrogate, said in an exclusive interview.

I think this was amazing. He was so on point, so on message. He gave very precise answers. You listen, for those that watched it tonight, you saw a robot-like script coming out of Hillary Clinton with no new ideas. No new ideas at all. Donald Trump gave some amazing ideas tonight and he showed America what he’s going to do for jobs. He showed America what he’s going to do to help out our immigration and all the kinds of things we’re involved in.

Flynn says he was shocked at Hillary Clinton’s claims in the debate that she doesn’t support open borders, when a transcript of a paid speech she gave to a Brazilian bank shows she specifically said she supports “open borders” and “open trade.”

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“She’s totally for open borders,” Flynn told Breitbart News.

Just look at what’s in her emails that have come out. She wants like a United States of North America not a United States of America. She would prefer to have just wide open like they have over in Europe right now. If you don’t have any borders you don’t have a country. This was an unbelievable victory for Donald Trump. It was exactly what we needed. So from our standpoint this is exactly what this camp needed because we are going to have so much momentum going into the final weeks of this election and this was exactly what we wanted tonight.

Trump hammered Clinton in the debate multiple times on her support for open borders.

“Hillary wants to give amnesty,” Trump said at one point.


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