Trump’s Plans to Fight Fire With Fire

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump plans to fight fire with fire, as he sees it, in the last 25 days of his race against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Facing a barrage of separate sexual assault allegations, Trump has responded by waging an intense war against the media, the “power structure” and the Clintons. In a pair of interviews with Yahoo News, a high-level Trump campaign source detailed the aggressive strategy, including the “suppression of votes” by Democratic-leaning groups, for the home stretch of the presidential race.

“We’re bringing out tactical nukes now, with thermo nukes later,” the source said.

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Trump’s epic political battle will be conducted on multiple fronts. The source detailed plans to launch assaults on media “collusion,” on former President Bill Clinton’s past sex scandals and on allegations of corruption at the Clinton Foundation. The Trump source further suggested that the nominee would “weaponize” messages from WikiLeaks’ trove of hacked emails and introduce the world to new skeletons from the Clintons’ closet.

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