Trump Twitter Feud Escalates

Image credit: foxnews

It looks like the war of words between President Donald Trump and the husband of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is only just getting started. 

Things began when Kellyanne’s husband, George Conway, suggested that President Trump’s mental health was in decline due to a torrent of tweets Trump had made over the weekend. 

Initially, Trump sent a short response that merely labeled Mr. Conway “a total loser.” This prompted Conway to respond with the erroneous claim that Trump was proving his point.

In retaliation Trump has posted a new tweet, that not only slams Mr. Conway for his biased opinions but also twists the knife by pointing out what a help Mrs. Conway has been to the Trump Administration. 

George took the bait and made his own weak reply, which was merely a reiteration of his accusation that Trump was proving his point. 

President Trump has been tackling issues both at home and abroad all while under constant attack by liberals and their media cohorts. While that may be enough to tear down a lesser man, If anything President Trump is thriving under the adversity. 

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