Trump Takes Charge, Strives To Save Ohio

Image credit: NBC News

President Trump lends a hand to workers in an attempt to protect jobs and keep America’s money in America.

General Motors has recently been promoted to public enemy number one because of the damage that they have done against Ohio and the 4,500 workers that have been laid off. Seeing this as a catastrophe President Trump Takes Charge against this organization

During a rally in Lima, Ohio President Trump called on United Auto Workers (UAW) and General Motors (GM) to “immediately” reopen the Lordstown, Ohio assembly plant.

GM is supposedly expected to shutter this year while ramping up production in China. The closure of the plant resulted in the immediate layoff about 1600 workers, a total of 4,500 American workers have been laid off by GM in Ohio.

Also, the closing of the plant is set to devastate the working and middle class communities in Lordstown and the surrounding areas, an expected 8,000 workers are set to lose their jobs as a result of the plant closure.

While speaking to the crowd, Trump called the GM and UAW to negotiate as soon as possible to get the plant reopen. Or sell the site to another automaker who can reopen and run the facility.

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Trump said:

You’ve got to get over to a place that I like a lot, Lordstown … what’s going on with General Motors? We have the best economy we’ve ever had. We have the lowest unemployment that we’ve ever had in 50 years — soon will be the record, all time. And what’s going on with General Motors. Get that plant open or sell it to somebody and they’ll open it. Everybody wants it. Sell it to somebody or open it yourselves. Get it going now. [Emphasis added]

And the UAW will help you. The UAW, you’re going to help. The UAW just promised they’re going to help. Get it open now, don’t wait. They said they have discussions coming up in September, October. I said ‘Why not tomorrow?’ Why not on Monday? What do you have to wait months for? Get the discussions going. Get it open. Lordstown, it’s a great area. [Emphasis added]

UAW responded by saying, “Thank you, Mr. President, for fighting alongside the UAW against GM. We will leave no stone unturned to keep the plants open!”

The result of closing the plant in Lordstown was GM ramping up production in China and Mexico.

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