Trump Lawyers Buck Investigation

Image credit: fox4now

House Democrats have been relentless in their pursuit to take President Trump out of office. But after requesting some 81 documents to use against Trump, it appears Democrats will be getting stiffed. 

Reports tell that Trump’s legal team has told committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler that they WILL NOT be surrendering any documentation. The declaration stems from the fact that Democrats have requested any relevant documentation that Trump’s team has given to special counsel Robert Mueller. The problem is, Trump’s team never gave anything to Mueller. So logically, if they never gave anything to Mueller’s investigation, there is nothing for them to give to this investigation either.

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If that wasn’t enough, it looks like others involved in the investigation are looking to defy the requests as well.

Michael Caputo, who was a campaign aid for Trump in 2016, issued a letter to the House noting his refusal to testify.

“My attorney responded to the House Judiciary document request within 24 hours—we have none of the requested documents,” Caputo shared with The Daily Beast. “I have testified three times under oath, answering the same questions each time, paying $20,000 to $30,000 each time. I have not yet been invited to testify a fourth time. If I am, I will decline. If I am subpoenaed, I will assert my Fifth Amendment rights. Enough is enough.”

It’s good to see that Republicans are finally drawing a line for these ridiculous attacks from Democrats.

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