Trump EXPOSES What BIDEN Did To Pennsylvanians

Image credit: SFGate

Americans need to know what kind of man Biden really is.

Recently, President Donald Trump ripped Joe Biden, reminding the American people that the former vice president abandoned them.

“Don’t forget, Biden deserted you, he’s not from Pennsylvania, I guess he was born here, but he left you, folks, he left you for another state,” Trump stated, referring to Biden’s years as the U.S Senator of Delaware. Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and lived there for a number of years with his family until they moved to Delaware.

Trump also ridiculed Biden for always talking about being from Scranton and caring about the working class.

“He left you for another state and he didn’t take care of you because he didn’t take care of your jobs,” he said. “He let other countries come in and rip off America.”

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The president also commented on how Biden only had only 150 people at his rally, comparing it to the tens of thousands of supporters at his Monday evening rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania.

Trump mocked Biden for running as a leader of the world, not America first.

“Sleepy Joe said he is running to, quote, ‘save the world,’ Trump said. “He is going to save every country but ours.”

“No wonder Joe Biden announced he is running for president … he announced he is running for president because foreign leaders called him up and begged him to do it,” Trump said, pointing out foreign leaders who were frustrated with his tough tariffs on China and other countries.

Trump reminded the crowd in Pennsylvania that he ended the Trans-Pacific trade deal supported by Biden and the Obama administration and he renegotiated the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“Foreign countries like it better when they can push us around, rip us off, make us pay for the privilege to hand over our jobs and our wealth,” he said.

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