Trump Attacked By MSNBC For Fist Pumping

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace believes the photos of President Trump fist pumping on the Pennsylvania tarmac depicted  “what seems to be a real deficiency in his character.”

Wallace stated, “I am a harsh critic of this president, but even I do not believe that he got off the plane and intended to offend anybody. So this, to me, this inability to control an impulse to pump your fists on 9/11 on your way to Shanksville. I’ve been there a couple times. It is like, I mean, not to be too graphic, but there were remains in the trees. It is as sacred of a memorial as exists in this country. And to see that image, I’m back to the questions about his competence and fitness. There’s something wrong with him.”

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“I talked about Presidents Obama and Bush because, again, you know, President Obama in that moment, I think, spoke for every American. I think Newtown was something that was—everyone felt that pain and he spoke to it for us. I think 9/11, as I said, you know, the policies that ensued were plenty controversial but in that moment, George W. Bush seemed to capture the sort of commitment of our country to build ourselves back and stand up to them. Donald Trump is missing that chip.”

“I think if you got a kid that has these inabilities, you get the kid evaluated. I’m serious. This is a serious thing. And the evidence is in front of all of our eyes. I mean, the Khan family, attack on the Khan family during the convention before he was elected. The one-week debate with the widow of La David T. Johnson, whose husband died in Niger. Why are we so timid about talking about what seems to be a real deficiency in his character?”

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