The “Squad” Gets DESTROYED By A Single Billboard

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They can’t stand to even think about it…

A billboard mocking “The Squad” put up by a gun shop has stirred up controversy over what critics are condemning as a “racist” message that is “encouraging gun violence.”

The shop’s billboard and posts have been condemned by critics, including Rep. Tlaib, who accused the shop of “inciting violence.”

“How the hell is this not inciting violence?” wrote Tlaib in response: “A billboard is up in NC that is *encouraging gun violence* against @IlhanMN @AOC @RashidaTlaib & @AyannaPressley. Take action & tell the companies supporting this that IT NEEDS TO COME DOWN.”

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Rep. Pressley has also responded, tweeting a message directed at Rep. Mark Meadows telling him to “do the right thing” to protect her and her fellow “vulnerable” congresswomen.

“#Racist rhetoric from the occupant of the @WhiteHouse has made hate our new normal. We are still vulnerable,” wrote Pressley. “[Rep. Mark Meadows] – Cherokee Guns is in your district & you and I serve on a committee together. Here’s your chance to finally do the right thing.”

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