The Extremely Low Percentage Of Voters Who Actually Like Their Candidates Policies

Pew asked voters to describe why they chose their candidate and it turns out that hatred of the opposing candidate is the primary motivator. The most popular reason for voting for Hillary Clinton is that she is not Donald Trump, according to a new Pew Poll. Just 22% of Hillary’s own voters cited her policies as the main reason they support her.  Donald Trump didn’t do much better with 26% of voters stating his policies are the main reason for their support. The second most popular reason for voting for Trump was the fact that he is an outsider. Hillary supporters liked her experience as much as they disliked Trump.

The main reasons people are voting don’t seem to be about policy, look at this chart from Pew:

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For many voters, opposition to the other candidate is a main factor in their vote

How many of the people who say they like Hillary’s temperament/personality are just saying so because they don’t like Trump’s temperament? The fact the Trump is not a professional politician probably has more importance in this election since Hillary is the ultimate political insider. Once again, people are primarily voting against the other candidate.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: this election has the potential to be the most volatile election in modern history since voters are voting against candidates, rather than voting for ideas. The debates will be critical for both candidates to try to get Americans to dislike them less.

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  • rwendling70

    Unfortunately, many supporters don’t read their candidates’ speeches to the bottom of the page, relying on the lying media to give them the info.