Ted Cruz Claims These New Facts Changed his Mind About Trump

Why the heck he didn’t just do it at the convention? That’s the question everyone is wondering about Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Trump. In a recent interview, Glen Beck, hammered Cruz with that exact question.

Initially, it looked like he was going to dodge the question, but finally Ted Cruz claims that he had a sit down with Mike Pence that changed everything. Cruz claims that he demanded Trump publicly promise to select justices for the Supreme Court from a list of about twenty candidates. Cruz doesn’t trust Trump and wants to be absolutely sure that Trump will only put constitutional conservatives on the court. Ted Cruz also claims that adding Mike Lee to the list helped sway his support.

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Glen Beck didn’t buy the Cruz explanation at all. Beck points out that the Trump campaign never even talked to Mike Lee about being a justice. Furthermore, Trump has changed his mind about a ton of issues, nothing would stop Trump from going back on his word by selecting a justice whose name is not on the list.

Overall it’s a pretty fascinating discussion. Ted Cruz obviously hurt himself politically with this flip-flop. Trump supporters still don’t like him for his stunt at the convention and #NeverTrump folks despise him as the ultimate sellout. Listen to the entire interview here, it interesting stuff.


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