Steph Curry Calls for Americans to Support Veterans

Steph Curry recently wrote an article for The Players’ Tribune asking Americans to support the military.

“I guess it’s tempting, sometimes, to think that it doesn’t mean anything,” Curry wrote. “With everyone out there on Twitter, and Facebook, and IG and all of that…with all of the opinions and narratives that are always flying every which way on cable news…it’s a lot of noise. And you hear enough of that noise, and you kind of start to wonder if anyone can – or even wants to – hear anyone else at all.”

“But if there’s anything I’ve learned this year, it’s that all of that noise we keep hearing – it’s not an accident. We’re hearing that noise because there are real people out there, facing real issues, and real inequalities, some in ways like never before. In 2017, in America, silence is no longer an option.”