Should Putin Be Invited To The White House?

Representative Ted Yoho (R-FL) believes Vladimir Putin should not be invited to the White House if it’s true that Russians have been hacking 2018 candidates.

Yoho stated, “You know, the thing I’m concerned about, and this — I came out publicly and said that Russia did intervene in — or interfere in our election process. That is not tolerable. And I think, with what you reported earlier, and what we’ve seen with these three other candidates being already hacked this year, if indeed this does go back to Russians that are in the Russian military or government, absolutely not. I don’t think we should invite President Putin over here at this time. I do agree that we should have relationships with all leaders of all nations. But if — something like this so soon after the election of president — of the last election, and Russian meddling is still going on, I think we need to bring an end to it and send a strong signal.”