Sandy Hook Documents Released to the Public

Newly released information about the Sandy Hook massacre is shedding more light into the troubled past of gunman Adam Lanza.

On December 14, 2012, Lanza shot his mother to death while she slept, using a gun she owned. Lanza then traveled to Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, and went on a shooting rampage, killing six teachers and 20 first-graders.

The FBI released over 1,500 pages of heavily-redacted documents on Tuesday, detailing Lanza’s behavior leading up to the shooting massacre.

The documents were posted on the FBI’s archive page, allowing the public to review the new information. Many details, however, were still redacted.

Personal accounts from witnesses describe a young man who was clearly disturbed. One witness revealed that Lanza had not left his bedroom for months before his rampage.

“Nancy Lanza told her son, Adam Lanza, had not left his bedroom in three months, and that despite the fact that Nancy and Adam lived in the same house, Nancy has only been able to communicate with Adam by email,” one investigator said.

Leading up to the 2012 shooting, Lanza’s mother had described her son as “shut in” and grew increasingly worried about his behavior.

In one interview, an unidentified person told investigators Nancy Lanza turned down a marriage proposal from a man she was dating “because she would have had to move (redacted) and she would not leave Adam,” according to the declassified documents.

Witness testimony revealed Adam Lanza was a vegan, after having previously been a vegetarian. While in school, he was reportedly “bullied, but not excessively, for his social awkwardness and his physical gait.”

Lanza’s neighbors informed investigators that he was “weirded out” when Superstorm Sandy struck the Northeast in October 2012. His mother “had to stay in her house with Adam for several days without electricity because Adam refused to leave and go to a hotel, and she would not leave him alone.”

The shooter apparently showed an aptitude for computer skills, Fox News reported.

An individual told agents that the FBI had visited Lanza’s home a few years before the shooting after he hacked “into a government computer system” when he was a freshman in high school. According to his mother, the agents said Adam “could have a job with them someday.”

Lanza was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. However, investigators determined that his autism spectrum disorder played no part in his shooting spree.