Russia Backs Trump, Campaign Panics

ABC News investigative journalist Brian Ross released a news piece that could end any type of credibility Donald Trump may have left. In this newest report, Ross found Trump’s Russian connections to have a bigger role in his life than he’s lead on. This could be a direct conflict of interest for Trump if he should become elected president in November.

In previous interviews, Trump has continuously denied any serious ties with Russian oligarchs. Those statements have already been proven false several times over, seeing how Trump has been very cozy with Vladimir Putin the past few years. Hillary Clinton has released attack ads trying to expose Trump’s Russian ties in the past. Now Brian Ross talks with people who have had actual connections with Trump, proving his denial is a joke.

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One man that Ross spoke to was Sergei Millian, a head of a U.S.-Russian business group. He says he assisted Trump with marketing the sale of his condos in Russia. Millian spoke about all the money Trump made from the Russians back then.

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