Rob Reiner Whines About President Trump

Famous TV actor and liberal activist Rob Reiner criticized Trump on MSNBC after his deliverance of the State of the Union Tuesday night.

Reiner stated, “Just as a performance standpoint it was—well, we discovered he could read. He knows how to read. But it was one of the flattest State of the Union performances I’ve ever seen.”

“The guy is a racist. He’s a misogynist, and he is a pathological liar. Now here is what interesting about this State of the Union tonight, a pathological liar is somebody who can’t help but lie. He just lies all the time. We know that to be true about Trump. But when you write the speech down, and you lie with words that are prepared, that takes lying to a new level. He lied about the biggest tax cut in history. He lied about the Visa program. They’re just lies. It’s one thing to lie off the cuff, but when you write down a lie and you say it, how are we supposed to judge what we just saw there? It was ridiculous.”