Republican Bashes Trump For Suggesting To End Probe

Representative Ryan Costello (R-PA) spoke of President Trump’s call for Jeff Sessions to kill the Russia probe by claiming it was “highly improper.”

Costello stated, “I still find the tweet to be inappropriate and intemperate. But having said that, I mean, just from a purely legal perspective, I think it’s important to note that if the president wants to fire Mueller, he can do that under Article II. But instructing or suggesting that Attorney General Sessions should, Attorney General Sessions doesn’t have the ability to do that. I think the best thing that can happen here is that the president, which he won’t do, but what he should do, is leave it alone. Let the investigation run its course. People are concerned about Russian interference in American elections. Russia is interfering in elections all across the globe. We should take it very, very seriously. It’s a very serious issue. Russia is trying to divide us from within and do harm to our democracy. So, saying that we should shut down an investigation over that, I think is highly improper.”