Reporter Asked Clinton Aide To Keep His Bias A Secret (Not Anymore)

Politico reporter Glen Thrush wrote an email to Clinton goon John Podesta admitting what everyone already suspected. The recent Wikileaks email hacks show Democrats colluding with the media, this is perhaps the most hilarious example. In this example a reporter shares his story with the guy he is writing it about ahead of time and warns: “please don’t tell anyone I did this.”

Glen Thrush to John Podesta, from

No worries Because I have become a hack I will send u the whole section that pertains to u Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this Tell me if I fucked up anything

Sorry Glen, but we just told everyone what you did! I love the complete lack of grammar and punctuation in Glen’s email. He is very concerned that he might have screwed up but I am sure the Clinton camp will be more than happy to write the news for him if he can’t handle his job.

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Hey, I understand. Reporters often share stories with the person they are writing about to clarify any possible mistakes, but come on now. He admitted to being a hack and said “don’t tell anyone about this.” It’s just one email that sums up the whole bunch.

There are plenty more Hillary boot lickers in the Wikileaks treasure trove. Check out Brent Budowsky:

If I write that my optimum scenario would be for Elizabeth to ultimately give a big endorsement to HRC and give the keynote speech at the Convention, totally off the record, would that give you a problem? It would be my personal opinion only, but if you have a problem with my suggesting this as my idea, I won’t tell anyone and I won’t include it, deferring to you

Geez, he has to check with the Clinton camp to see if he can even suggest Elizabeth Warren as a keynote convention speaker in an op-ed he is writing. Who cares! What a loser. Why do we even have reporters, we can just let Hillary write the news.

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