Pelosi Demands Trump Apologize For Democrat’s Comments

Image credit: nationalreview

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seems to be confused about how to hold people accountable for their actions. 

Pelosi tweeted out a demand for an apology in response to the outrage that followed Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s comment of getting a “calming feeling” when thinking about the Holocaust. The problem is, Pelosi thinks Trump should be the one to apologize TO Tlaib. 

Pelosi mistakingly claims that Trump’s tweet calling out Tlaib for her reprehensible comments merits an apology, while she ignores the disgusting remarks made by her fellow Democrat. 

This is what the president posted in response to Tlaib’s comments. 

Which led to Pelosi’s misguided post.

What is there to misinterpret? Once again a Democrat has said outrageous things that would never be tolerated by Republicans, yet their party leaders clap them on the back and defend their disgusting remarks. 

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