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Democrats are scurrying like rats…

Things are brewing after Jefferey Epstein’s arrest. This post from a Facebook user tells critical information:

The storm is here.

A very well placed friend of mine in South Florida who is quite liberal says my “Chernobyl” post was on point.

She tells me that the word has gone out that the Epstein situation is in the words of one high official, “is no longer contained” and the advice is that if there is even the most remotest possibility one is “contaminated” by it, “resign now”.

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I do wish I could tell you the organization because it’s so delicious. But I can’t risk betraying a friend and good source.

She went on: it’s panic city right now. People are discussing lawyers, speculating about who might try to flee the jurisdiction.

She finished with this: “It pains me to admit it, but your Orange Messiah and all of you ‘crazies’ (referring to the McCain smear of Trump supporters) are going to be very happy campers. ‘Faves’ are going down. Few, if any, are Republicans. And the names I could drop right now of people in the crosshairs are going to blow people away. This is bad. It’s really bad.”

Good night all.

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