New York Times Declares Ohio No Longer ‘Bellwether’ as Trump Pulls Ahead

The New York Times, the so-called “paper of record,” has declared that the all-important swing state of Ohio is no longer an important battleground in the presidential election — now that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is winning it.

Trump pulled ahead of Clinton in the Buckeye State in the RealClearPolitics poll average on Sep. 13, and has never looked back. The latest average, as of Sep. 24 — prior to the first presidential debate on Sep. 26 — has Trump ahead of Clinton by 2%.

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Earlier in September, the Times was declaring Ohio “an essential swing state,” where Governor John Kasich threatened to destroy Trump’s presidential hopes by withholding his endorsement and denying Trump his turnout operation. The Times added: “No candidate since 1960 has made it to the White House without winning Ohio. And while Mrs. Clinton could afford to lose there given her advantage in other battlegrounds like Virginia and Colorado, Ohio is a must-win for Mr. Trump.”

Now that Trump is winning the “must-win,” the Times has revised its view of Ohio’s importance: “After decades as one of America’s most reliable political bellwethers, an inevitable presidential battleground that closely mirrored the mood and makeup of the country, Ohio is suddenly fading in importance this year,” writes Jonathan Martin, who notes that Clinton has basically conceded the state.

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  • FalloutTex13

    Why doesn’t the New York Times just call itself the Hillary Clinton Blowhole?

  • Debra Brooks

    Thank U OHIO!

  • VirgoVince

    The nyslimes hasn’t been paying attention, Trump has always been AHEAD, real Americans KNOW better!!!!
    He’s the ONLY ONE who deserves OUR votes in 2016 and OUR Whitehouse in 2017 and beyond!!

    • Robert J Fritz

      AGREE !!! Trump is and always has been ahead . But , we have to remember who buys and sells media —- George , the traitor, soros .They write what he and the money mongers want and they want to bury the united states because we are the last standing power for an independent republic against the NEW WORLD ORDER to be run by the united nations —- GOOD LUCK WITH THAT !!!! ROB423

  • DonRS

    The NYT only considers the states Hillary is winning or they she will win to be “bellweather states”.

    This is a perfect example of how they report, as do the liberal biased polls report, Hillary is ahead. She is NOT. We must not get discouraged. We must show them just how wrong they are, in the only only poll that counts. VOTE TRUMP!

    • Robert J Fritz

      Don, I agree wholeheartedly , everyone on this page ,make it a point to mention Trump for president everyday for the rest of October and up to voting day . Keep saying that his following is growing ( because it is and because people want to be with a winner ) tell everybody you see and shout it on the social networks that this Trump bandwagon is leaving town and everyone that is anyone is on that train. Don’t get left behind by voting for a loser . A moniker that hillery brings on herself by constantly lying and refusing to own up to her past failures. We all fail at one time or another and admitting it is the first step back to trustworthy. She just won’t take that step so that makes her dispensable . “GO TRUMP”” all the way to the white house. ROB423

      • 5live5

        As I told a friend of mine today, “Life’s a b!tch, why elect one”?

      • Georgia Beckhusen

        Not only on twitter and Facebook but in passing every person you meet she. Out shopping. Make sure to mention the importance too get out and. Vote. OTE DONALD J TRUMP!

    • bob

      True, it’s all that the Lame Stream Media has to look at is the FINAL RESULTS of the Brexit vote, where mostly all the reporting in the media had Britain STAYING in the EU. The news media & all those who predicted that the British people would vote to STAY, were SHOCKED when it was announced the FINAL vote was to get the hell out of that shitty organization. The British people had ENOUGH of a centralized globalization system, where they had very little to say about their OWN governance, & made the “Elitists & the Media ” look like the assholes they were & voted to get OUT.
      Same seems to be happening here, as a person like Trump ( a NON-career politician ) is in a virtual deadlock with a ” Career politician ” with 3 decades of nothing to show for it,& many are sick & tired of the same ” promises with NO results” politician like Hillary.

      • DonRS

        We can hope the Lame Stream Media’s forecasts are as accurate about the election as they were about Brexit!

        • bob

          I believe there are more people who support Trump BUT don’t want to show it because they would be maligned as racists,bigots or anything the rabid Hillary supporters will call them. Just look at what happened to the new Trump facility that opened in Washington D.C. that was vandalized by the BLM crowd recently. Does ANYONE think these were Trump SUPPORTERS ? Of course not, they were liberals who support the “give away ” programs the Democrats have been promising them for years,but NOT delivering on, in the hopes that the bullshit artists hoping to run the country in capturing the Presidency & Congress, will finally give them something.
          And yes they will ” more bullshit & a few scraps ” till next election time.

  • jackel

    Headline says it all about the liberals: since trump is winning. They just can’t handle the truth or reality.

  • jcadla

    I can see a 16 year future worth seeing in the very near future. If Trump will agree to stay for two terms, Pence will continue to make a great nation for the next eight years. I honestly believe this country will once again be prosperous, safe and respected by then…and completely out of debt. It will be wonderful to once again record an honest 3.4 rate of unemployment. I remember how proud I was when I saw, “Made in Texas by Texans,” on the back bumpers of Fords. And how proud I was when I saw the, “Made in USA,” tag on the first RCA radio-phonograph I bought as a young married man in 1957. I think it can be like that again.

  • kenuch

    Some of these mainstream media are playing mind games on Trump and his supporters. If Trump had the media manipulations that Clinton is getting in her favor, she’d have thrown in the towel. Unfortunately for these media hypocrites, voters have since seen through their inconsistencies and are going to vote Trump massively, if only to make the point that they understand what’s going on.

  • 5live5

    And with THAT, I declare the NY Times not worth reading!!!