Nadler Targets Trump With New Law

Image credit: peoplesworld

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler is proving that he has a problem holding grudges. 

Nadler has joined in proposing a terrifying new law that Democrats hope to use against Trump as soon as his presidency concludes. 

The blatant attack is called the “No President Is Above the Law Act,” and seeks to pause the statute of limitations while a president holds office. 

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Despite mounds of evidence showcasing the president’s innocence, Democrats seems to believe that he only thing keeping President Trump out of jail is the Justice Department policy that prevents the prosecution of a siting president. 

So they have concocted a new law so that they can pounce on Trump the moment he leaves office. 

The proposed law proves that the Democrats have become completely obsessed with President Trump and are willing to throw the constitution out the window in order to pursue action against him. 

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