Maxine Waters LOSES IT, Says The UNTHINKABLE

Image credit: Tea Party Pac

These are the Democrats who represent the left…

On MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said President Donald Trump is a “sleaze-bag” who is profiteering off the presidency.

Discussing Pence’s explanation, Waters said, “He was fumbling because he was trying to come up with a reasonable explanation, and it just did not work. The president suggested, told him whatever you want to call it to stay at his place, and he did it. And this is all about the president using his presidency to make money, to have the taxpayers paying for anything, anybody he can get living at his hotels, his golf properties. And we’ve seen that. I asked my staff to go back and take a look at what this president has done in terms of encouraging people to use his properties or himself using his properties as he goes on his golf trips. First of all, what we discovered was when we took a look was that Donald Trump, of course, again canceled his planned state visit to Poland, allegedly to deal with Hurricane Dorian. Instead, he went golfing. According to NBC’s tracking data, Trump has spent a little under 1/3 of the days of his presidency visiting his own properties. Take a look at this. Nine hundred fifty-six days in office, 295 visits to Trump properties, including 99 days at Mar-a-Lago, 22 days at Trump International hotel, 13 days at Trump Towers and 227 days at Trump golf property, including 90 days at Trump National Bedminster —that’s in New Jersey, on and on and on.”

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She continued, “I have to agree that this president has gotten away with the most outrageous kinds of profiteering that he’s done on the backs of the American taxpayers, and we have not done enough about it. I tried to get this president impeached. I started early on saying he is a con-artist, that he is a sleaze-bag, that he is profiteering. I said all these things because research my staff had done even before he was elected to office.”

She added, “In fact of the matter is he has disrespected all of us. He has used this president for his own advantages and his family’s advantages, and he should have been impeached.”

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