Judge Stonewalls Critical Trump Policy

Image credit: politicususa

Yet again obstructing the Trump Administration, a U.S. judge has blocked a policy that was intended to help with the severe flood of migrants coming to the U.S. border.

U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg in San Francisco has ordered a nationwide injunction against a program that sought to keep asylum seekers from using loopholes to gain illegal entry to the United States.

The policy would return asylum seekers back across the border when apprehended to await processing of their asylum applications. Currently, child detention limits result in migrant families being released into the U.S. to await acceptance.

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However, the process can take years and once these migrant families are allowed into the country they frequently disappear taking what they wanted with no regard to the legal process. 

The Trump administration had hoped to resolve this issue by forcing migrants to wait outside the U.S. border. By denying them the opportunity to just vanish into America, migrants are given incentive to follow through with the full asylum application process.

But Seeborg claims that the Immigration and Nationalization Act does not give the government the authority to deport asylum seekers. Additionally he noted that there is no safeguard for those who are fleeing with their very lives on the line.

The ruling can be appealed, but the White House has yet to indicate whether or not it will do so. 

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