Hosts For Presidential Debates Just Released (A New First)

The presidential debates are expected to have ratings that rival the super bowl. These could be the wildest and most entertaining debates ever. They also could be huge let down, kinda like that fight between Muhammud Ali and the Japanese wrestler Antonoi Inoki.  Two totally different styles of fighting could lead to a stalemate where both candidates talk past each other.

The debate moderators will play a large role in keeping candidates engaged and accountable. The names of the moderators have just been announced.

The Daily Caller has more:

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced Friday the 2016 presidential debate moderators.

NBC’s Lester Holt will moderate the first debate at Hofstra University on Sept. 26.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz will moderate the second debate in St. Louis, and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace will moderate the final debate in Las Vegas. The vice presidential debate moderator is Elaine Quijano of CBS News. The vice presidential debate is scheduled for Oct. 4 in Farmville, Va.

It’s the first time someone from Fox News has been chosen:

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“I am very excited to have the opportunity. Personally, I’m excited. I’m also excited because I will be the first FOX reporter to ever moderate a presidential debate so I think that’s quite a statement for our news organization. How’d it come about? Well, they knew I was interested,” Wallace said.

“You kind of put the word out there to the debate commission, but you can’t lobby for it. You can’t do anything. They end up deciding it. There’s a really blue ribbon commission that the co-chairs of the commission are Frank J. Fahrenkopf, who is a former Republican National Committee chair, and Mike McCurry, former press secretary for Bill Clinton, and yesterday they called me up and they gave me the formal invitation, ‘Would you accept?’ and I said I would be honored and proud to accept.”

Both major party candidates posed issues to the commission. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is known for his attacks against debate moderators who he believes may be unfair to him and Hillary Clinton has cultured tight relationships with many high-profile journalists and anchors over the years, some of whom have connections to the Clinton Foundation.

As usual, most of the moderators come from networks that worship the ground Hillary Clinton walks on. With that said, Anderson Cooper does ask Democrats tough questions once in a while. Fow News gets to enter a host for the first time ever.



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