Hillary supporter: ‘People Need to Die’

Donald Trump has only been president-elect for one day. Yet, that hasn’t stopped tens of thousands of people from filling the streets to voice their anger about his victory.

Taking a page from the Black Lives Matter playbook, they’re blocking the roads and shutting down freeways.

On Wednesday night, CNN covered the massive protests and interviewed one of its attendees. She had a grim message for the camera:

She said, “We can’t just do rallies. We have to fight back. There will be casualties on both sides.”

Then, she made a terribly disturbing suggestion about what might happen because Trump won the White House.

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Eerily enough, a few weeks before the election, CNN talked to a Clinton supporter who suggested there would be “blood in the streets” if Trump won.

Tolerant protesters, everybody.


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source: http://ijr.com/wildfire/2016/11/733075-people-need-to-die-cnn-runs-into-election-protester-who-warns-hillary-supporters-will-fight-back/

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