Hillary is now accusing Trump of ‘possible ties to foreign espionage’

Hillary Clinton’s campaign escalated its response Wednesday to WikiLeaks’ ongoing publication of hacked emails from John Podesta, demanding that Donald Trump’s campaign “answer for its possible ties to foreign espionage” and describing the theft as a “modern-day Watergate.”

“It is also now clear that the illegal hack of John Podesta’s email is the work of the Russian government, according to the FBI,” campaign spokesman Glen Caplin said in a statement issued after Roger Stone, a longtime Trump confidant, told NBC News that he was in touch with WikiLeaks through a “mutual friend” of founder Julian Assange.

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“It is disturbing that Roger Stone, a longtime Donald Trump confidante, has confirmed the fact that he has ‘back-channel communications’ with Wikileaks, an organization that is working with the Russian government to affect the American presidential election,” Caplin said.

Stone, an informal adviser who is speaks with Trump regularly but is not formal member of his campaign, told NBC it was “categorically false” that he was colluding with WikiLeaks.

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source: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/10/hillary-clinton-campaign-donald-trump-wikileaks-229717

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