GOP Member Eyes 2020 Run

Image credit: npr

One Republican governor from Maryland may be looking at challenging President Trump in 2020 and may only be waiting to hear the conclusion of Mueller’s report before jumping into the race.

Gov. Larry Hogan hasn’t been silent about the possibility either, taking jabs at Trump whenever convenient.  

Hogan claims that Trump has turned his back on the principles that he began his campaign with and believes that will give him an edge. “I appeal to Republicans because my message is: I haven’t abandoned my principles. I’ve just said let’s deal in the art of the possible,” Hogan declared. 

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Hogan has also criticized Trump’s decision making skills sharing, “For a guy who wrote a book ‘The Art of the Deal,’ he’s just not making good deals.” 

While Hogan hasn’t officially announced that he will run for in the 2020 election, he appears to be ready for the opportunity.

“Of course you couldn’t win a Republican primary challenge today,” Hogan said. “But I also have been around long enough to know that things can change very rapidly.”

Hogan appears to think that Mueller’s report may harm Trump’s re-election chances, and is looking for his opportunity. 

Despite him stressing to The Washington Post that, “Don’t get the impression that I’m sitting here like this vulture waiting for some bad news.” 

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