Geraldo Rivera Bashes Trump Over Immigration

Television personality Geraldo Rivera claims to be “embarrassed” by President Donald Trump’s midterm message. Rivera believes Trump was “playing almost to a mob mentality” on the immigration issue.

When Rivera was asked if he supports the plan of sending troops to the border, Rivera stated, “I do not. Generally speaking, I try to be supportive of the president. He is my friend. He is my president. We only get one at a time. In this whole immigration issue, he’s playing almost to a mob mentality, I think egregiously hyping the danger posed by the so-called caravan. In my reading of the 14th Amendment, and I’ve studied some of the case law, I am an attorney, it seems very clear that anyone born on U.S. soil is a citizen of the United States.”

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“I think if you’re born here, you are a citizen here. Moreover and more importantly, I think we’ve got to lower the temperature when it comes to undocumented migrants. I do a radio show. There’s no issue that generates more raw passion than immigrants. I am sad that my friend the president and the Republican party are hyping that issue in the days leading up to the midterms.”
“There are 7 million unfilled jobs right now. There are fruits and vegetables dying on the vine because there aren’t enough hands to pick them. Unemployment among our own poor, African-American and Latino, record lows that is incidentally, Joy, the message I wish the president was pushing right now leading up to the mid-terms. Look how well he’s done. Wages now increasing almost 3 percent over last year. Everybody that wants a job is finding a job. If he had extolled the virtue of his economic policies, I could be much more enthusiastic about next week. As it is, I’m embarrassed.”
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