Dems File In Behind New ‘Bona Fide Leader’

Image credit: motherjones

After Democrats declared that Stacey Abrams would deliver the SOTU response, they appear to have turned her into their new mascot.

In light of her loss to Republican Brian Kemp to be governor of Georgia, it seems that Democrats are willing to make a wager that Abrams could lead the party in 2020.

Jaime Harrison, senior counselor and co-chair of the Democratic National Committee even went so far as to declare Abrams a “bona fide leader.” Harrison added, “The 2020 folks will be listening to her and looking to what they can adopt to their message from her own.”

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That isn’t the only endorsement Abrams has received with Democratic strategist Joel Payne saying, “Stacey Abrams is the face that the Democratic Party would like to project … That’s where the energy in the party lies: youth and diversity.”

That’s a lot of confidence to place in a failed candidate. Although, it would be satisfying to watch if Abrams does as poorly in the SOTU response as she did in the previous election.

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