Democrats Surprised That Down-Ballot Republicans Are Safe

It’s starting to look like conventional wisdom was right all along. Polls showed Trump leading the Republican primary back in January before voting even began in Iowa. Those same polls also showed Trump getting absolutely creamed in the general election. The reason many pundits simply couldn’t believe that Trump would win the Republican nomination is because nominating Trump would be pure suicide for the G.O.P.. The experts couldn’t believe that G.O.P. voters would self-immolate and hand the election to Hillary.

The kamikaze Trump plane hasn’t crash landed into the deck of the Republican party just yet. Perhaps a major bombshell exposing Hillary or  BLM rioting the week of the election could save Trump, but at this point we are only moments away from impact. Trump really looks doomed and is down by nearly ten points in many polls.

The silver lining in all of this is that voters aren’t punishing Republicans running for critical House and Senate seats for the sins of Trump. Democrat strategist can’t believe that Trump’s failure isn’t hurting Republicans down-stream. For example: Marco Rubio is crushing his Democrat opponent by up to 5% even though many of the same polls show Hillary easily beating Trump in Florida.

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The bitter leftist over at the Huffington Post lament:

Trump has declined by 2 percentage points among registered voters, according to YouGov/Economist polls conducted before and after the release of that notorious recording. At the same time, the GOP has seen a 2-point increase in generic House polling, which asks voters which party’s congressional candidate they’d vote for.

Yes, Marco Rubio probably would have crushed Hillary Clinton and preserved Republican majorities in Congress. Conservatives can sit around and get bummed about choosing a life long liberal loser for president or they can take action and try to preserve Congress.

Remember, Obamacare only passed because Democrats took over Congress.  Obamacare also would have been much worse (more socialist) had Scott Walker not replaced Ted Kennedy. Down-ballot races serve as an extremely important firewall and luckily for conservatives; voters aren’t taking their strong dislike of Trump out on the rest of the party.




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