Democrat Attempts To Slander Trump

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer President Trump “should put a crown on his head” since he is acing like a king.

When it came to President Trump’s attitude toward Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Hirono stated, “It shows the president is very desperate as to what his concerns regarding the Mueller investigation. For him to come out and say that he could pardon himself and some of the other outrageous statements he is making — he should put a crown on his head because he is acting like a king and that is not our country.”

“He thinks he is a dictator and king. He says all of these outrageous things. I think it shows he that is really afraid what the Mueller investigation will show with regard to his own actions and particularly, of course, his efforts to sidetrack the investigation. His continued attacks on Jeff Sessions is just yet another example of fear that he is expressing.”