CNN Overjoyed By Trump-N. Korea Failure

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Jim Acosta of CNN reacted to President Donald Trump coming up short on reaching a denuclearization agreement with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Acosta implied that dealing with a dictator wasn’t the same as a reality T.V. show.

Acosta reminded viewers how the two leaders didn’t reach an agreement in the 2018 Singapore summit, as well as Michael Cohen testifying against him on Capitol Hill. He said President Trump has his Twitter activity to “a bare minimum,” saying when all of that is added up, the president is heading back to the White House “humbled.”

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“[I]t’s strike one in Singapore – he didn’t get a deal with Kim Jong-un – now it’s strike two in Hanoi — once again, no deal to denuclearize Korean,” Acosta stated. “In the backdrop of all of this … the president’s former fixer really just blasted away at his former boss, accusing him of being a liar and a cheat and a criminal, basically, in what was a bombshell hearing up on Capitol Hill. The president presumably will be asked about that, as well.”

He continued, “I find that just to be kind of remarkable, that the president was able to hold his Twitter to a bare minimum here in Hanoi. That is something we don’t see very often from the president, but he kept his powder dry. So, presumably, we’re going to hear the president weigh in on all that, as well. Add it all up … a very rough and rocky 24 hours for the president. Humbled back in Washington, humbled here in Hanoi, heading back to Washington empty-handed.”

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