CNN Attacks Trump Supporters

Retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters who recently appeared on CNN called President Trump’s supporters “couch potato anarchists.”

Peters stated, “I left Fox because as a former military officer who took an oath to the Constitution, I could not be part of a channel that to me was assaulting the Constitution, the constitutional order, the rule of law. But that said, Fox isn’t immoral, it’s amoral. It was opportunistic. Trump was a gift to Fox and fFox in turn is a gift to Trump. As you observed earlier, it’s a closed loop and so people that only listen to Fox have an utterly  skewed view of reality.”

“By the way, earlier some of your guests were describing Trump world in terms of Republicans, the Republican party is gone or at least dormant. What we see now the people supporting Trump are radicals. These couch potato anarchists. They are people who don’t have a program to make America great again, and by the way America is great right now, rather, they’re destructive. They want to tear things down. They want vengeance. And Trump is brilliant at that. He’s done what autocrats and charlatans and false messiahs throughout history have done. He’s told core supporters, you’re not to blame for the mistakes you made. You’re not to blame for your failures. It’s them, it’s the minorities, it’s the immigrants, it’s fake news, it’s the deep state.”