Chuck Norris Is Suing Big Pharma

Chuck Norris is giving Big Pharma a taste of their own medicine! He is going after 11 Big Pharma companies for what he believes, is the reason behind his wife’s poisoning. He believes she was poisoned from an injection she received before having an MRI taken.

He wrote:

“Those multiple MRIs yielded little about her arthritis, but they did give her gadolinium poisoning that nearly took her life, and then chronically led to gadolinium deposition disease…The following years have been riddled with debilitating bouts of pain and anguish, as we have literally traveled the globe in pursuit of alternative medicine that may help her recover.”

Norris went on to detail the terrible symptoms his wife suffered as well:

“Gena has experienced cognitive impairment, body pain/burning, kidney damage, loss of energy/mobility, muscle cramping and weakness and difficulty breathing, to name a few health issues,” he wrote. “Now, almost five years post-gadolinium poisoning, she continues to require regular stem cell therapies and other treatments to heal her central nervous system.”

After spending over $2 million on medical expenses for little to no results, Norris is taking action against the companies responsible for large-scale deception.