Chris Coons Supports Imaginary Candidate

Image credit: politico

Senator Chris Coons has joined the masses of Democrats that are willing to throw in behind a presidential hopeful that has yet to announce the intent to run at all.

“CBS This Morning” interviewed Coons who declared that former Vice President Joe Biden “is moving closer” to entering his bid in the election.

“He’s someone who I am confident is going to run,” the senator said. “I’m optimistic he’s going to run. Everything is being put in place, but that last decision, which understandably is a big decision.”

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Coons isn’t the only one feeling that way, either. Despite not officially announcing his candidacy, Biden has been a favorite among Democrats and even now leads the polls at 27 percent. 

“He has more experience both in the Senate and as vice president in the executive and legislative than any other candidate running,” Coons said. “Arguably than all other candidates combined.”

Official contender Sen. Bernie Sanders trails behind Biden in polls at 25 percent.

In the meantime this is an absolute gift to Republicans, as Democrats continue to devote coverage to a person who hasn’t even been able to make up their mind about running. 

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