Candice Owens Sets The Left On FIRE After Saying THIS

Image credit: Washington Examiner

It needed to be said…

By now most of our readers know that modern feminism has totally gone off the rails.

What was once a movement to create more opportunities for women, and to advance women’s issues has turned into another radical leftist cause.

Modern feminists only promote left-leaning women and left-leaning causes. Conservative women are like the devil to most feminists.

Most sane women already know this and ignore the nonsense being spewed by such feminist icons as Linda Sarsour, feminist mouthpieces like Vogue and of course Woman of the Year Caitlyn Jenner.

Fox News contributor and conservative feminist Candace Owens just took on modern feminism with a single tweet, and WON!

Owens wrote “Modern feminism—which has absolutely nothing to do with earlier feminism—is an abomination. It’s goal is to remove all traces of masculinity from the western world and in the process, breakdown the family unit. If manhood becomes obsolete, so too will the family.”

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Candace is 100% correct.

Modern feminism as practiced by the left is an abomination and has nothing to do with modern feminism and seems oriented towards the destruction of the family unit.

Many agreed with Candace’s position.

Twitter is of course left wing so Candace had those who disagreed as well.

We agree 100% with Candace Owens on this subject. Modern feminism, as with most of the ideas of the left are a cancer to modern society.

Src: The Federalist Papers

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