Can Judges Now Grant Immigration Visas?

Judges in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California are opening a new immigration route for foreigners, which would bypass the federal agencies’ sole authority to approve or decline foreigners’ immigration or entry into the U.S.

The new route is created by the Feb. 9 decision which blocks the White House’s very popular reform of immigration rules.

If upheld by the Supreme Court later this year, the new declaration would allow overseas foreigners — including those hostile to the United States — to hire lawyers to persuade judges to grant them visas, residency permits and eventually citizenship. That courtroom route would bypass denials or approvals from the elected President’s administration and its subordinate agencies, including the intelligence, law-enforcement and national security agencies.

In practice, the decision would give foreigners the right to sue the federal government when they’re denied entry by the federal government. That right, when pressed by many migrants, will ensure that some gain entry to the United States despite opposition from the voters and their chosen government.

That created right to sue for immigration rights would also give the nation’s corps of immigration lawyers more opportunities to trade U.S. citizenship to foreigners in exchange for lawyers’ fees.


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