California Democrats Push THIS Shocking Bill

Image credit: California Globe

This will make your jaw drop…

A bill proposed by California lawmakers could grant illegal aliens the ability to serve in Democrat Party leadership positions.

Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) told reporters that he wants the bill to send a loud message .

“We need to continue to send a very, very loud message that we are … going to embrace and uplift and support all American immigrant neighbors,” he said, adding that the bill would “allow Dreamers and other immigrants to appear on the ballot in order to run and serve on California Democratic Party Central Committees and as State Delegates to the Party.”

Wiener criticized President Trump and his administration, stating that current law “excludes Dreamers and other immigrants from taking on leadership roles in the Democratic and other political parties.”

He wrote:

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As our immigrant communities face vicious attacks from this President and his administration, California must embrace, lift up, and empower immigrant voices and leaders. Immigrants contribute to our economy, culture, and civic life. They’re already leaders in our communities and should have a seat at the table. The Democratic Party will continue to lead as the party that embraces all communities, and this legislative fix will help keep us on track.

However, Eric Eggers, who is the director of research at the Government Accountability Institute, said that the recent New York law allowing illegal aliens the ability to obtain a driver’s license is only the beginning.

“It’s only a matter of time before we see the expansion of illegal alien voting in state elections and eventually the Left pushing for illegal alien voting in federal elections,” Eggers said.

“My research shows that illegals get caught up in this by parties that exploit and victimize illegal aliens,” he concluded.

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