Buttigieg LOSES IT, Slanders Trump

Image credit: Business Insider

Pete Buttigieg has officially lost his mind…

Pete Buttigieg discussed President Donald Trump’s possible future trips to El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, the sites of two mass shootings over the weekend.

Host John Berman asked Buttigieg how he would act as a mayor if Trump had to visit his city.

Buttigieg said that normally a mayor would work to bring people together after a tragic event, but suggested he would not welcome Trump because he is “incapable of bringing people together.”

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“Ordinarily, with almost any other president I can think of, you would automatically welcome a visit from a president of either party because you would know they would be there to help you do those things — to help bring people together, to help take care of those who are hurting and to reassure that we are being kept safe,” Buttigieg told Berman.

He added, “The problem is, we’ve got a president right now who is part of the problem and is incapable of bringing people together.”

The presidential hopeful went on to say if Trump, who he called a “white nationalist,” visited, he would bring “the politics and divisiveness” with him on a visit.

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