BREAKING: White House Was Being Surveilled by THIS Foreign Country

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This is jaw dropping…

Israeli intelligence agents were likely behind the placement of surveillance devices near the White House, U.S. intelligence has reportedly concluded.

U.S. investigators had determined that Israel was most likely the culprit responsible for placing StingRay phone trackers near the White House, with the apparent purpose of capturing information from phones.

Three former top U.S. officials told the news outlet that Israel was suspected.

A spokesman for Israel’s embassy in the U.S. called the allegations leveled by U.S. officials “nonsense.”

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“These allegations are absolute nonsense. Israel doesn’t conduct espionage operations in the United States, period,” Elad Strohmayer stated.

An analysis from the FBI and other agencies concluded that Israel was the culprit.

“It was pretty clear that the Israelis were responsible,” one official said.

Whether the Trump administration will publicly take action or reprimand Israel for the intrusion is another matter, and is so far unclear.

“The reaction … was very different than it would have been in the last administration,” another official added to Politico. “With the current administration, there are a different set of calculations in regard to addressing this.”

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