BREAKING: Trump Takes DRASTIC Action Against Iran

Image credit: Newsweek

Iran should brace themselves…

President Donald Trump announced economic sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran as he continues discussions with Saudi Arabia about recent drone attacks against their oil production facilities.

“We’ve now cut off all funds to Iran,” Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin said.

The president and Mnuchin announced the additional sanctions during a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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Trump said that his administration was working with Saudi Arabia on the response to the attacks.

“These are the highest sanctions ever imposed on a country,” he said about the new sanctions. “We’ve never done it to this level.”

Trump said that Iran needed to change their behavior and their funding of terrorism.

“It’s too bad what’s happening with Iran, it’s going to hell,” Trump said. “Doing poorly. They’re practically broke. They are broke.”

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