BREAKING: Mexico FOLDS, America WINS Again

Image credit: The Weekly Standard

Remember when Trump said Mexico was gonna pay for the wall?

With just days to go until the Trump administration imposes a punishing tariff to Mexico’s government, numerous signs have been uncovered that Mexico is stepping in on the matter but it remained unclear Friday morning whether their efforts would satisfy the White House.

For virtually all Central American migrants, the Trump administration has already begun requiring asylum applicants to wait in Mexico while their claims are processed, saying too many applicants were using the system fraudulently to escape into the country.

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Also, Mexico’s financial intelligence agency announced it had frozen the bank accounts of 26 people who it claimed “have presumably participated in migrant smuggling and the organization of illegal migrant caravans.”

Meanwhile, some 200 Mexican military police, immigration agents and federal police blocked the advance of about 1,000 Central American migrants who were walking north along a southern Mexico highway, once again showing a tougher new stance on attempts to use the country as a stepping-stone to the U.S.

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