Biden Blows His Top Over Trump Proposal

Image credit: abcnews

While speaking at the International Association of Fire Fighters conference, former Vice President Joe Biden lashed out over President Trump’s budget proposal.

“I was going to stay away from this, but I can’t,” Biden admitted. “Did you see the budget was just introduced?”

Biden then proceeded to vent about how the budget called for Medicare to slash $845 billion in spending over the next decade and requiring Medicaid to use the same time frame to cut $200 billion in spending.

The former VP then rhetorically asked if those gathered knew why the cuts where being implemented before answering himself, “because of a tax cut for the super wealthy that created a deficit of $1.9 trillion and now they gotta go make somebody pay for it.”

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Biden claimed that, “Something that gave millionaires and billionaires excessive tax breaks — and who are they asking to pay for it? Middle-class families like you, the neighborhood I grew up in. Trading Medicare and Medicaid for tax breaks? How’s that going to help anybody in this room? Or most of the people you live with? How’s that going to help this country?”

As Biden proceeds to flip out, it should be noted that what Trump released was a budget PROPOSAL and will likely be hardly recognizable when it finally passes through Congress. Trump’s proposal is meant to act as more of a priority guideline rather than a concrete decreee. 

You’d think as a former vice president, Biden would be able to remember that. 

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