Beto’s SHOCKING Confession About Personal Connection With Slavery

Image Captions: The Intercept

The truth finally comes out …

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke admitted to being the offspring of slaveholders along with his wife Amy.

O’Rourke shared the news on Twitter as he discussed the legacy of slavery at conferences in the town hall. He wrote that “the debate “now has a much more personal connection. I was recently given documents showing that both Amy and I are descended from people who owned slaves.”

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O’Rourke disclosed that the proprietor of two slaves, Rose and Eliza, was his maternal great – great-grandfather. The former Texas congressman also wrote that he believed that in the 1860s, before and during the Civil War, his maternal great – great-grandfather was also a slaveholder.

He said his wife Amy had a slaveholding family as well as another who had fought for the Confederacy.

O’Rourke was mocked and dubbed as a “a parody of wealthy white privilege” because he seems to embody the kind of politician that is regularly deriding and condemning progressives today. He also spoke in support of the reparations policy proposed by some Democrats seeking to compensate the offspring of slavery in various ways and in variable degrees.

O’Rourke’s campaign was asked about the slaveholding issue, to which he responded, “We must repair this country from its very founding: kidnapping people from West Africa, bringing them in bondage to literally build the wealth of the United States.”

While he acknowledges that his ancestors were the beneficiaries of “a system … built to favor themselves at the expense of others.”  O’Rourke stresses “that only improves the urgency that I think is helping to alter this nation so it works for those who have been locked out of this scheme — or locked in.”

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