Bernie’s Offers “Special Treatment” for Illegals

Image credit: Townhall Finance

Bernie seems to have forgotten that laws exist…

Recently, Bernie Sanders told CBS News’ “Face The Nation” that he thought it was “not appropriate” to deport illegal aliens that have broken the law and not shown up for court dates.

“There are ICE raids set to start Sunday morning. Estimates of some 2000 people or so who will be targeted, is this appropriate?” moderator Margaret Brennan asked Sanders.

“No, it’s not,” Sanders responded. “It is absolutely not appropriate.”

Brennan again pressed Sanders: “But specifically on this point the two thousand that are supposed to be targeted haven’t shown up for a court date so essentially they’re- they’re not following the asylum process. The legal standards when they’re here. So should they be prosecuted, should they be deported?”

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Sanders responded: “I don’t- I don’t like this deportation thing at all and I think Trump uses this as a beginning to do worse things to come.”

Bernie said this knowing former President Obama deported more illegals than the Trump administration.

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