Albright Continues To Bash The President

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was most recently seen on CNN claiming that President Trump believes he is “above the law.”

Albright stated, “I’m not calling him a fascist. I’m saying that he is a president that has undemocratic instincts that trouble me a lot.”

 “In terms of somebody who derides the importance of the press, calls you all the enemy of the people, who thinks he is above the law, who is in fact exacerbating the differences that exist in our society, and is somebody that kind of plays the crowds in way that I find dangerous in terms of propaganda, and has created a situation where there is identification with one group of people while there is no recognition of the individual rights of the others. And so that’s the kind of thing—and I went—the book is actually historical in terms of not just looking at Mussolini and Hitler, but what are the issues, where has fascism poked its head up again and what’s going on? It is a warning.”