17 Dem Contenders Get SLAMMED for Doing THIS Over Weekend

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For a party that acts so high and mighty, their hypocrisy seems endless…

2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls are getting called out for their apparent “hypocrisy” after mulling changes to meat consumption to address climate change, then turning around and flipping thousands of steaks at an Iowa event.

On Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa, 17 of the Democratic contenders took to the Democratic Polk County Steak Fry where they addressed the over 12,000 attendees while they also grilled over 10,500 steaks and 1,000 vegan burgers.

The candidates flipped burgers and steaks but this seemed to be a contradiction to one of the messages they’ve been pushing on the campaign trail: meat consumption contributes to climate change and must be cut back. This disparity didn’t go unnoticed on social media. 

The Iowa GOP is among those who blasted the Democratic presidential contenders with meat puns.

Ahead of Saturday’s event, the state’s Republican Party claimed there “couldn’t be more at steak” as the 2020 Democrats “continue beefing over whose extreme proposals go further left” and have a “cook-off between socialism and President Trump’s winning, America First agenda.”

“Whether it’s forcing Americans to eat less cheeseburgers or getting rid of farting cows, Democrats’ rare, half-cooked ideas are struggling to find support. Iowans will certainly take note of their ridiculous hypocrisy — as they attend a steak fry after pontificating about limiting meat consumption.”

“As they continue butchering their positions, it’s clear the Democratic agenda would steer us in the wrong direction,” Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa Jeff Kaufmann said.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel also called out the Democratic hopefuls for “[shaming] Americans into eating less meat … then [going to] grill steaks in Iowa.”

“Seriously?” she tweeted, adding, “Next time, spare us the lecture.”

While other 2020 Democrats cooked steaks, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) — who is the only vegan candidate — flipped veggie burgers.

As IJR previously reported, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) made known during a CNN climate change town hall that she’d support “changing the dietary guidelines,” regarding red meat consumption. Additionally, Andrew Yang said it’d be good for the American people to “eat less meat.”

Yang also said during MSNBC’s climate change town hall that he’d “probably make [meat] products more expensive,” as IJR also reported.

Booker previously warned that the “planet simply can’t sustain billions of people consuming industrially produced animal agriculture because of environmental impact.” He added, “We will destroy our planet unless we start figuring out a better way forward when it comes to our climate change and our environment.”

Additionally, Mayor South Bend, Ind., Pete Buttigieg has expressed that those who use plastic straws or eat a burger are “part of the problem.”

Several of the 2020 Democratic hopefuls back the Green New Deal — laid out by freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) — as means to combat climate change, which promises to “fully get rid of farting cows.”

Src: IJR

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